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The beautiful thing about the Pokémon Trading Card Game (abbreviated Pokémon TCG or PTCG) is that it one can play it on many different levels. One can make a deck that is so simple a 6-year-old can play and enjoy it. On the other hand, older players can make advanced decks using intricate strategies and tactics. Whatever your level, the basic rules of the game are constant.

The Pokémon TCG is based on the Pokémon battle concept. Players engage other players in one-on-one battles, leading their Pokémon into battle. Each player uses one Pokémon at a time; the Pokémon (refered to as the Active Pokémon) do battle directly with each other. Each player also develops a Bench of Pokémon waiting to go into battle. When an Active Pokémon is Knocked Out, it is removed from play and another Pokémon from the Bench takes its place as the new Active Pokémon. Players use attacks, one per turn, until one player Knocks Out a certain number of his opponent's Pokémon.

This multipart article tells you the rules for playing the Pokémon TCG. If you are new to the game, read these articles first. If you are familiar with the game, use these articles to clarify rules and help teach new players. It assumes that the reader is familiar with Pokémon in general.

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