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DoomTown Trading Card game

The collectible card game (CCG) based on the Deadlands Role Playing Game (RPG).

You build a 52-card deck and try and take control of a town called Gomorra. The play is exciting. Draw(from your 52 card deck, form your best Poker hand), let that Hot Lead Fly, wait till the smoke clears and hope you don't have too many holes in your best hired gunslinger. Great art, great gameplay and easy to learn, Doomtown the CCG is quickly growing as one of more popular and fun CCG's on the market. This game is unique in that every card in the game has a regular poker deck value in the upper left hand corner. In fact, you actually play poker with the cards in order to resolve combat.


General Deck

Charlie Landers

Dead Man's Land

TELEGRAM : The Black Jacks




General Deck

This deck is a good all rounder. If you're a new dude in town, or just found that the 'Jacks are THE Outfit, then give this deck a try...Feel free to change it around and let me know the results!

DUDES: Victor Navarro*,Cassidy Greene*,Father Juan Navarro*,Cletus Peacock,Flint Parker,Sam Horowitz,Lilith Vandekamp,The Twitch,Eddie Bellows,Spike Dougan*,Vampiric Dance Hall Girl,Rachel Sumner,Black Jack
EVENTS: Founder's Day x2
GOODS: Gatling Gun x2, Shotgun x2,Pearl Handled Revolver x2
ACTIONS: Cheatin' Varmint x2,Crack Shot,Sun In Yer Eyes x2,Ace In The Hole x2,Double Dealin',Fanning The Hammer x2,Pistol Whip x2,Scalpin',Quickdraw x2, Rooftop Sniper
DEEDS: Dragon's Nest Strike,Smiley's Shaft,Red Hill Hotel,Hell's End Mine,LAD Saloon, Barkum & Barkum Attorneys,Casino Morongo,The Docks,Golden Mare Hotel, Old Moon Saloon,Pony Express,Hideout,The Undertaker's,The Tree, Tombstone Dispatch Branch Office

Joker x2

Charlie Landers' Deck

This deck was built for a bit of fun. I was looking for a new theme and noticed that a lot of cards' flavour text had "-CL" at the end so I decided to treat Charlie to a deck of his own! Probably would be better as a Sweetrock deck if you change Flint, Rachel & Jack, but hey! I like da Jacks!

DUDES: Charlie Landers*,Cassidy Greene*,Flint Parker,Billy No-Neck*,Rachel Sumner,Austin Stoker,Black Jack
GOODS: Still,Roan
EVENTS: Eureka,Founder's Day,Independence Day,The Fair Comes to Town,Heavy Rain
DEEDS: Abandoned Mine,Drop in the Ocean Strike,Pike's Puddle Mine,The Undertaker's,Rock Ridge Mine,Smiley's Shaft,King Willy's Mother Lode,St. Martin's Chapel,The Alright Corral,Orphanage,The Slaughterhouse,Sam's General Store,Dispatch Office,Lord Grimely's Manor,Hell's End Mine,Red Hill Hotel,The 1st Bank of Gomorra,The Tree,LAD Saloon,Pacific Maze Railstation,Pony Express,Hideout
ACTIONS: Cheatin' Varmint,Crack Shot,A Price on his Head,Sun in Yer Eyes,Diversion,Brawl,Bucket Brigade,Dust Devil,Pistol Whip,They Just Pay Better 'n You,Bad Tequila,And Stay Down!(thenless u've got viagra:),Sheriff's Watchin'Gremlins,Claim Jumper,Haunting

Dead Man's Hand Deck

When you play this deck, DO NOT put any cards in play that make up part of a Dead Man's Hand!!! The idea is that once you have played your deeds for production and got your fighting dudes in play, the doomtown cards left in your deck will either ace themselves or be part of a Dead Man's Hand.

DUDES: "Gordo" Andrade,Billy No-Neck*,Black Jack,Charlie Landers x2,Cletus Peacock*,Cordelia "Corky" Hendricks x2,Flint Parker,Max Baine x2,Meredith Singleton,Rachel Sumner,Red Crow x2,Saul Whateley,Spike Dugan*,Victor Navarro*
ACTIONS: Cheatin' Varmint,Dead Man's Hand x2,Headman's Axe,Manitou's Revenge,Out of Ammo x2,Pannin' for Gold,Scalpin',Stray Lead,The Witchin' Hour
DEEDS: Barkum & Barkum Attorneys,Casino Morongo,Foale's Folly,Ignacio's Exotics x2,LAD Saloon,Photographer Shop,Pike's Puddle Mine,San Simeon Mine
EVENTS: Christmas Day,Easter Sunday,Eureka!,Full Moon,Independance Day,Samhain,The Fair Comes to Town
GOODS: Gatling Gun,Pearl-Handled Revolver,Shotgun,Still,Winchester Rifle x2

Bill Brother Gates Trading Card


My gang? They're the meanest, orneriest dudes in all the Great California Maze. I got the Navarro Brothers, Juan and Victor. If you mess with one, you'll probably be facing the other one right quick. Cletus Peacock can outshoot, outfight, and outdrink damn near anyone in Gomorra, long as he picks his time. Then there's the drifters, Jessie Fremont and Clell Miller. Both of them work cheap, but they ain't real outlaws like us. That's why sometimes, I just go it alone. Ain't no one else I can be sure won't sell me out.

I don't worry about finding new mines or playing lowball. If I want ghost rock, I'll just take it. All my dudes, except Father Juan, know how to put the squeeze on the so-called honest folk of Gomorra to get ghost rock. Sure, they say we're wanted, but so what. That's why they call us outlaws. At least we're honest about taking it, not like the Sweetrock. They're the real criminals in this town.

Coleman thinks if he can control the center of town, he'll control Gomorra. But I control the alleys and back streets. Kinda hard to shoot at me if you don't know where I am. You're gonna learn them too, if you want to give orders to my gang. Maneuver them around town like you were playing chess. Put all your pieces in place, and pick and choose your shootouts until there ain't no one else left. Then, we sweep in and take over all the deeds. After all, we can afford it.

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Telegram : The Black Jacks

hat do you want? Money, power, fame? Around Gomorra, only one dude can have it all, and that's me. Black Jack. Mothers whisper my name to hush their crying children. Shop owners pull up stakes and leave town when they hear I'm coming. And the Law Dogs want me dead. Or alive, so Coleman can shoot me himself.

What do I want? Hell, I got it already. Gomorra is my town. I own it, just people there ain't figured it out yet. I know every street, every corner, every shadow as if they were my own home. 'Cuz it is. My Outfit shows up, your Outfit leaves. End of story. Some other folks seem to think they can change my rules, and think they can be top dog. But they'll be dead soon, and I'll be in charge. only that's not as permanent a solution as it used to be.